Österrike, Katalonien, Italien, USA, Nigeria, Grekland, Rumänien, Storbritannien

Protester mot uteslutningen strömmade in från världen

Sonja GruschPublic Spokesperson of the Socialist LeftParty (Austria)

Rob Mac Donald, artist, Katalonien

Giuliano Brunetti of behalf of Resistenze Internazionali (Italy)

Ryan Borgeson,USA

Dimeji Macaulay, Lagos, Nigeria

Marianthi Kypridou, Elected member of the Union of Art Conservators in Greece (Ministry of Culture)

Vlad Muresan, Cluj-Napoca Tenant Association, Rumänien

Connor Rosoman, member of ACORN UK, a tenant’s organisation in Britain

Apostolis Kasimeris Chair of Anexartiti Paremvasi Ethel OASA” faction – of the public transport union of Athens ”OASA Workers Union”

Dionysis Christopoulos Vice President of the Athens Philharmonic Musicians Association

To: Marie Linder, president of Tenants Union, Sweden

No to expulsion of Kristofer Lundberg!
As active in tenant’s organisations and struggles, I am shocked by the news that you are considering expelling Kristofer Lundberg.
I and many with me consider Kristofer Lundberg as a model how leaders in tenant’s unions should, with emphasis on grass roots activism. A model that has achieved victories in a time when we are generally pushed back. I have personally met Kristofer and discussed with him.
All ideas of expulsion should be stopped, especially in the time of the deep Corona crisis. We need to struggle now to stop infection spreading, to show solidarity and to stop evictions and social crisis.


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