Artistens möte med Kristofer och HGF

Dear Marie

I am of the understanding that tomorrow you will make a decision on the future of Kristopher Lundberg in relation to financial irregularities in the west of Sweden hyresgastforeningen.  I am deeply concerned of reports I am hearing and wish to explain to you my position, so that you consider it in your deliberations.

  I have been involved with the hyresgastforeningen for the last 3 years in arts projects promoted by the hyresgastforeningen. In Hammerkullen and Rannebergen and across the suburbs of Gothenburg with the very successful project that has been noted around the world “Periphery is the centre”. I am producing a book on the project and the first 108 page photo log book is about to be published which shows the unique and important work of involving over hundreds residents in the struggle of  creating meaningful community art. We have two people’s monuments in process. Some of you will know me as I have also spoken with project leaders at your Stockholm office on the success of the project. I was in Sweden very recently to continue this project unfortunately the corona virus has delayed us and I was force to return home, But I will be returning later in the year. In project I have met and worked now with many many artists and community activist and made important connection across Sweden and will be developing more projects in the near future. The project “Periphery is the centre” is one of the many community participation monuments I am creating across Europe at the moment and can change the way that public art is done in community like the one the hyresgastforeningen represents.

  Kristopher has trail blazed these projects in west of Sweden. His motivation is of one thing and one thing only, the building of the tenant union and the representation of its members. He understands that we fight for more than just where we live but how we live and in this the arts is central. I was of the understanding that the Arts were supported by all in the hyresgastforeningen in the Stockholm leadership when I visited?. Kristopher energy and passion is the engine behind this and many other art and community projects in the west of Sweden. I have seen nothing but complete selfless sacrifice from him in this regard and I have seen how others see him in the same light. It can make no sense to anybody that has eyes that Kristopher is guilty of any corruption there must be more to this?  

 I am aware Kristopher has worked tirelessly on many fronts not just the community arts but also in the wider political arena. Kristopher has lit the light and energy of the people. Some people fear this because they are comfortable and don’t need change they see Kristopher as a threat, BUT for tenets, local activist and all genuine people they see Kristopher as a flame that speaks of their needs. His energy in rebuilding the workers movement today is what people need. Any disagreements in tactics and strategy should be dealt with in an honest way within the workers movement by elections, and therefore I do not understand why you don’t let his members decide his fate. Why does this attack happen just before his re-election. I say put the evidence to the members and let them decide.  The people will expect this and any other action will destroy the hyresgastforeningen.

I have looked closely at what evidence is available in this case and I am no fool and of complete Independent and critical mind, I have also looked closely at my own experience and I can only see that you are in danger of making a huge error should you remove him from the tenants union on the evidence that is before us all. The stain on any negative action will carry much further than Sweden; Social change is coming across the world in the wake of the corona virus and the problems that will flow from it. I respect you will make a brave decision and support the continued growth of the hyresgastforeningen in the west of Sweden and its powerful arts and community projects and not make a silly mistake of a politically motivated attack to attempt to put out one of the hyresgastforeningen brightest lights.

Yours in hope

Rob MacDonald Artist


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